Chaos Remakes Wiki is an encyclopedia about remakes of the classic ZX Spectrum game, Chaos: The Battle of Wizards.

Chaos was released in 1985, written by Julian Gollop, and published by Games Workshop. It is a turn-based strategy game for up to eight players, in which wizards summon creatures to battle each other. Receiving moderate critical success on its release, it wasn't until Your Sinclair championed the game that it became a classic. It appeared twice as a YS cover game. In their final issue it charted at number 5 in the Your Sinclair Readers' Top 100 Games Of All Time[1] and the staff held a Grand Chaos Play-Off.[2]

Since then, Chaos has been one of the most popular subjects for modern homebrew Spectrum remakes.[3] This wiki is an attempt to archive and discuss these remakes.

Chaos indexEdit

Remakes indexEdit


Title First published Author Platform Status Link
Morkin II 1994 Anthony Hamilton / POW Productions DOS Available [2]
Chaos (Amiga) 1996 Sean Irvine & James Conwell Amiga Available [3]


Atari ST Chaos Martin Brownlow Atari ST  ?
Law 1997 Jim Purbrick Java (Play!) Available web archive: [7], direct download here:[8]
Anarchy 1999 SoftySoft DOS / Windows Incomplete, available [9]
Turmoil 1999 Matt Smith & Dan Condon-Jones Windows Incomplete, available [10]
Chaos Funk 2003 Reflected Games Windows Available [11]
Chaos (GBA) 2003 Richard Quirk GBA Available [12]
Imbroglio 2003? Daniel Fielding Windows Unfinished demo [13]
Chaos (Flash) 2004 Myke Black Flash MX Available [14]
Chaos Reborn 2004 Erik Benerdal Windows [15]
War of the Wizards 2004 IZ Software Palm Commercial web archive:[16]; available at [17]
Cyber Battles 2005 matlu Java (Play!) Available


Realtime Chaos 2006 Stephen Smith Linux [19]
Out of Chaos 2007 Sinister Systems [20]
Chaos Groove 2007 Richard Phipps Windows [21]
Ataxia: Chaos Wars 2007 Duncan Timiney Windows Available [22]
Ataxia II 2008 Duncan Timiney Windows Available [23]
Chaos Enhanced 2009 Lewis 'SEPTiMUS' Lane Flash Abandoned, Available


Chaos Tournament 2009 Vectorlight Silverlight Available


Chaos (Android) 2010 Richard Quirk Android Available [26]
Pandemonium 2010 Dave McInnes Windows Available [27]
Sorcerers (Android) 2012 Stephen Smith Android Available


Imbroglio Mk2 2012 Daniel Fielding Java (Play!) Prototype, Available


Dragon Wars 2012 Distant Melody Java (Play!) Available


Disorder Unknown RetroDev Games Windows Available [31]
Chaos Remake Unknown Jason Farmer / Cerebral Bicycle Company Windows web archive: [32]; available at [33]
Warlock 2013 Dave McInnes Windows Available [34]

Unpublished or unavailableEdit

Title Year Author Platform Status Link
Cyber Wars 1999 Andrew Gower / Jagex Java Unavailable
Openchaos 2002 Multi-platform Dead web archive: [35]
Creators 2002  ? Dead web archive: [36]
Chaotic XNA Project 2008 darkhalf247 Windows Incomplete [37]
Archaos 2009 Lewis 'SEPTiMUS' Lane Multi-platform Incomplete [38]
Chaos Reborn 2013 Julian Gollop PC, Mac and iOS In development


ChaosRM Unknown Matt West Java Incomplete [40]
Domains Of Chaos 2007 Marek Mauder Windows Incomplete [41]

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