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Remake Details
Name Chaos Reborn
Author Julian Gollop
Status In development
Multiplayer Unknown
Platform PC, Mac and iOS (Unity 3D)
Current Version N/A
Screenshot N/A

Chaos Reborn (Estimated 2013, Julian Gollop) is a recently announced work in progress by the creator of the original Chaos.

Announced on Friday the 2nd of November, 2012 via Julian's Twitter account[1], few details have yet been released. What is currently known about the game is that it will be developed using the Unity 3D SDK 'for iOS, PC, Mac - maybe more.'

A time frame to release of around one year has been estimated by Gollop[2].

Features Edit

Currently announced features of the remake include:

  • Cross platform releases for iOS, PC and Mac, with the possibility for Android and other platforms
  • A fully 3D view[3]
  • Combat and movement 'very close to the original'[4]



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