Remake Details
Name Chaos Enhanced
Author Lewis 'SEPTiMUS' Lane
Status Abandoned
Multiplayer Hotseat
Platform Flash
Current Version 1.5 beta (12/05/2009)
Screenshot Chaosenhanced t

Chaos Enhanced (2009, Lewis 'SEPTiMUS' Lane) was a faithful, yet incomplete remake for the browser-based Adobe Flash platform. The initial version was released to the public in May 2009 after an extended period of private development.

The idea evolved from a document [1]; created in 2003 outlining a list of possible additions and enhancements to the basic Chaos gameplay.


The remake was begun as both a test of the capabilities of Flash, and as a learning exercise. As a result of its experimental nature numerous bugs surfaced which would prove to be increasingly difficult for the author to manage. Graphics were mainly based on sprites created by Richard Phipps for Chaos Funk, which were in turn based directly on the original game's sprites.

Features Edit

While Chaos Enhanced strived to be close to the original in terms of gameplay, it had additional features (many of which are now common in Chaos remakes) which helped modernise and streamline the experience:

  • Isometric projection
  • Mouse driven interface, with the board always visible
  • Automatic intelligent pathing for land-based units
  • Range display for spells and projectiles
  • Improved spell effects
  • A larger board (internally resizable to be as small or large as the player wished)

Upon the remake's final release it was still lacking fundamental features such as a front-end interface to set up games, illusionary creatures and many spells.

A recent update added the ability to configure the board size, starting spell count and player number and names.[1]


Chaos Enhanced has now been abandoned and a successor named Archaos by the same author is currently in the works.[2]