A series of Chaos remakes for the Amiga by Sean Irvine and James Conwell. Irvine had authored an Amiga clone circa 1996, according to his USENET post.

Aminet archives several Chaos games, although none credit Gollop's Chaos as inspiration.[1]

  • Chaos v2.5 (1999, Conwell & Irvine) [3]
  • Chaos Lite v3.05 (2001, Conwell & Irvine) [4]
  • Total Chaos AGA v5.50 (2004, Conwell & Team Chaos) [5]
  • Total Chaos AGA v7.11 (2008, Conwell & Team Chaos) [6]

Total Chaos was mentioned in Retro Gamer magazine's Julian Gollop retrospective, in a round-up of Chaos remakes.[2]


  1. In fact, raving fanboys insist that there is no relation between the games at all, despite the obvious similarities. See heated Wikipedia arguments at [1] and [2], bring popcorn.
  2. Dan Whitehead. "Creating Chaos", Retro Gamer volume 2 issue 1: p. 51