Remake Details
Name Ataxia II
Author Duncan Timiney
Status Available; under development
Multiplayer Hotseat
Platform Windows
Current Version 0.91014 (14th October 2009)
Link [1]

Ataxia II is Duncan Timiney's second attempt at a Chaos remake. The concept was for 2D sprites on a 3D board, Paper Mario stylee.

Whilst core gameplay is largely completed (AI wizards, lots of spells, etc), there is still some balancing to do.

Here are the main changes from classic Chaos:

  • Larger game board (20 x 20), although creatures have more movement points as well.
  • Attacking a creature may cause a "wounded" state rather than a straight kill.[1]
  • Local alignment effects in addition to global.
  • Most spells belong to a group. Wizards have favoured groups, which themes their spellbooks.
  • The 3D board brings with it elevation. The only current example of this is the "Raise Ground", which does what it says on the tin. A hill which may block line of sight and provide extra range for ranged attacks.
  • Of course, new spells. Broad range of area-of-effect attack spells. Monsters taken from various mythologies. Spells that combine other spells (lightning-breathing horse? Incorporeal crocodiles?)


  1. That is, the "hit points" system from Ataxia I is not used, so this is a return to classic Chaos.