Remake Details
Name Ataxia: Chaos Wars
Author Duncan Timiney
Status Available; no longer being developed
Multiplayer Hotseat
Platform Windows
Current Version 1.8 (12th July 2007)
Link Direct download

Ataxia: Chaos Wars is a public domain game based on Chaos, with a D&D flavour. It was developed between 2006 and 2007 by Duncan Timiney, programmed in Dark Basic.

Chaos Wars differs from Chaos in several respects:

  • Spell selection and spell casting are two seperate phases.
  • Law and Chaos have localized effects as well as global, as indicated by the colour of the cells on the game board.
  • A larger board, which may begin with some terrain.
  • Several D&D tropes, such as giving wizards "feats" and "magic items" at the game start and additional monsters and spells. Monsters also had hit points, saving throws and other D&D-based stats.
  • A group of creatures can be summoned, an idea taken from Lords of Chaos.

There are three game modes, one each for low-level and high-level play, and a third experimental mode for a chaotic army vs. a lawful army.

Development stopped in 2007, in a mostly stable state. The code was becoming messy: Duncan wanted to start a new version, with cleaner code and an idea he had for a 3D display.