Remake Details
Name Archaos
Author Lewis 'SEPTiMUS' Lane
Status In development
Multiplayer Internet, Hotseat
Platform Multi-platform
Current Version Pre-alpha
Link [1]
Screenshot Archaoslogo

Archaos (2010, Lewis 'SEPTiMUS' Lane) is a multi-platform web-based Chaos remake with a centralised server. The Archaos project describes several independent but linked projects to create both the server architecture, matchmaking system and a client interface, and will promote the creation of clients by people other than the author.


Archaos has been in the planning and initial development stages since spring 2009, and its format and implementation has been subject to changes and advances in various web technologies. In autumn 2009, the format was locked down and the decision was made to create an open platform in the form of an 'API' which would process the game logic via a simple human-readable format. This allows developers to create their own client applications for whatever platform they are most comfortable with, and it further helps to split up the code base into manageable sections.

The initial release will consist of the server implementation which will be hosted privately, and a simple test client with which to connect and play games. This beta phase will help resolve issues with security and instability. After the beta phase ends, a fully-featured and polished client will be released and the source code to both the server and the client will be released.

Initial documentation and outlines of data structures and formats are available on the project page wiki at Google Code.

Features Edit

As with its predecessor, Chaos Enhanced, Archaos will give a very similar gameplay experience to the original Chaos. This 'pure mode' will always remain as an option if and when new features which alter gameplay are rolled out. One of the core goals is to allow for a client to be based almost entirely on the original Chaos, and to play in a manner nearly indistinguishable from the original. The Archaos server will also support the following features:

  • Matchmaking via a centralised server, making it easy to find games
  • Player statistics and ranking
  • Persistent games which wait indefinitely for the next move, allowing for realtime or long-term playing
  • Spectator mode for any game not flagged as private - allows any number of people to watch a match unfold
  • Automatically recorded matches - every move of every game will be saved, and a compacted format can be downloaded and replayed in supporting clients
  • Teamplay, alliances and other game modes
  • New creatures and spells
  • Server-side AI wizards which will become smarter by analysing games played and tactics used by others

Status Edit

Archaos is currently in active development. No server, clients or code has been released thus far.